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Back Pain and Leg Pain

  • On September 12, 1961, I brought my son Bobby Matthews, to see Dr. J.D. Young of Florence. For several weeks Bobby was bothered with pain in his back and groin and pains that would shoot up and down his legs. His condition grew steadily worse and in a short time he was unable to walk. I tried carrying Bobby to other doctors but no one could seem to tell his trouble. By this time Bobby was so bad he couldn’t go to school.

Upon the advice of a friend, my next step was carrying Bobby to Dr. Young. The results that followed, I can’t praise enough. Dr. Young examined my son, found the cause of his trouble and started to correct it. In a short time, Bobby’s pain eased and he was able to use himself better. In a few weeks my son was able to do about anything he wanted to do.

I has now been one year since Dr. Young helped my son and to this day he is still well and healthy and was able to work real hard on the farm this season. I can’t praise Dr. Young and chiropractic enough and I write this in hope that others will know of the wonderful work done at Young Chiropracticc.

Signed, Mrs. Wilma Matthews
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6th day of September, 1962
Florence, South Carolina

Betty P. Foxworth
Notary Public

Headaches (Migraine)

  • For the last 6 years my head has hurt almost everyday. Sometimes my headaches would get so bad that I would have to go get a shot at the hospital and that really didn’t stop the headache, it just made me go to sleep. My sister read how Dr. Young had helped someone else with headaches so she called me and encouraged me to go see him. I had not thought before of going to a chiropractor but am I ever glad I did. Dr. Young examined my neck and back and took x-rays. He pointed out how my problem was coming from irritated nerves in my neck and upper back. Dr. Young recommended chiropractic care since mine was a chiropractic case and it was unlikely that anything else would help. I agreed with that since 6 years of drugs and lab tests had only helped me temporarily, if any.

After just a few weeks my headaches of 6 years went away. I put down my pain medication and low back pain I had for years went away. If you have not been in pain before I don’t think you know what a relief it is not to hurt. If you are suffering, take the first step to feeling good again. Call Dr. Young.

Gail C.

Chronic shoulder pain with stiffness and crepitus, midback pain, Bursitis

  • 17 year old physically active young man had developed symptoms 2 years prior after a MVA in which he was a passenger. Shoulder was painful at all times and worse with activity and use of the shoulder. Painful even at night. PDII evaluation was positive for neurological dysfunction pattern. X-ray examination revealed upper cervical pivotal structural shift.

Adjusted C1 according to multi-vector radiograph evaluation. Shoulder pain and range of motion improved immediately. Post treatment PDII showed a normalization of thermographic pattern. Over the next 3 months the patient required one other adjustment and 8 months later is pain free.

Neck pain, Headaches, Upper back pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

  • 59 year old active woman who had been under the care of another chiropractor for 20 years. Her symptoms have gradually worsened but the other chiropractor’s care did provide some temporary help. Her neck was becoming stiffer over time. She had a history of an MVA in which her head hit the visor and molding. She also reported a slip and fall on ice 10 years before.

X-ray evaluation showed significant degenerative arthritic changes of the cervical and lumbar spine. PDII evaluation was positive for a neurological dysfunction pattern. X-ray examination revealed upper cervical pivotal structural shift.

Adjusted C1 according to multi-vector radiograph evaluation. Post treatment PDII showed a normalization of thermographic pattern. Neck pain and range of motion improved immediately. She required 13 adjustments over the next 12 months and reported feeling better than she had in 20 years. Range of motion in cervical spine returned to 90% of normal. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms cleared. She reported no headaches. Follow up in year 2 was on two occasions when symptoms returned mildly at 6 month intervals. Two adjustments in year 2. Other than that patient has not required care. She reported that the AUCB protocol had brought her more relief than anything in the last 20 years.

Neck pain, Arm and Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome like pain)

  • 52 year old woman reported with the symptoms listed above. She worked on an assembly line and her symptoms made her job miserable. She was concerned with job loss and could not take time off. She reported the symptoms had been on and off for years but in the past were treated with anti-inflammatories prescribed by her MD. Third episode had lasted and worsened for about 18 months. She reported no trauma except a car accident 30 years ago. PDII evaluation was positive for a neurological dysfunction pattern. X-ray examination revealed upper cervical pivotal structural shift. This injury may have been related to the car accident.

Adjusted C1 according to multi-vector radiograph evaluation. Post treatment PDII showed a normalization of thermographic pattern. She required 10 upper cervical adjustments over a period of 12 months. Her symptoms gradually cleared but made significant improvement in the first 6 weeks.

Dizziness and Chronic Neck Pain

  • 65 year old woman reported frequent dizziness and constant neck pain that was worse with daily activity. She did not report trauma but x-rays of the cervical spine showed significant osteoarthritic bone changes in the mid cervical spine. She had been the patient of another chiropractor for 7 years. Her symptoms were worsening. PDII evaluation was positive for a neurological dysfunction pattern. X-ray examination revealed upper cervical pivotal structural shift.

Adjusted C1 according to multi-vector radiograph evaluation. Post treatment PDII showed a normalization of thermographic pattern. She required 4 upper cervical adjustments in the space of 12 months. Her symptoms completely resolved.


  • I was in a car accident in March of this year. After the accident I could not lift my head off of my pillow without having sharp pains in my head. I had to ease out of bed because my low back was also hurting. I had tried one medication after another but never felt any different.

I had lost about four weeks of work and I couldn’t take care of my grandchildren. Then a friend suggested I go to Young Chiropractic. I noticed a big improvement on my third visit to Dr. Young. Now I’m free of the awful shooting pains in my head. I can sleep, my back feels great and I feel like I’m sixteen again.



  • For several days I have been having real bad pain in the very bottom of my back. It hurt so bad that I wasn’t able to do any work around the farm. My pain was so bad that I would just toss and turn all night and could not sleep. After a while the pain would shoot down into my legs and my legs stared to go dead. I tried everything I could but nothing would give me any ease.

Some people I know told me to try the chiropractor, Dr. Young. I went to see him and he checked me over, made an X-ray of my back and showed me my trouble. After a few visits I felt much better and in three weeks I now feel great. I don’t hurt anymore and I can do my work and sleep without pain. I would recommend Dr. Young to all my friends and anyone else who’s sick.



  • When I was 35 years old and the mother of five children, I had been having Migraine headaches. For 12 years I suffered and my husband took me to every doctor that he ever heard about, but nobody could do anything for me except to give me shots so I could deal with the pain. Then one day we heard about Dr. Young and I started going to him twice a week. After four months of care I no longer needed shots for pain. Now…I go once every three weeks. I had given up hope but now thanks to the Lord working through Dr. Young, I feel like a different person. If you are sick, please let Dr. Young help you.



  • When I first came to see Dr. Young, my head had been hurting for a year and a half solid. I woke up every morning with a tight band of pain around my head. I was dizzy and light bothered my eyes badly. It was like walking around in a fog. Some days it was so bad I could do absolutely nothing. The neck pain I had was like a constant sore cramp.

During this period of time, I went to five different medical specialists and was tested for everything from brain tumors to cataracts. Finally, they sent me to a dentist who specialized in TMG/jaw problems. With his help and a mouthpiece at least I could sleep some at night taking pain pills. My diet was reduced to mashed potatoes and I could only open my mouth about a quarter inch. Still my head hurt all the time.

It began to affect every part of my life. A vacation was not vacation because my head hurt worse with a change in routine. My husband, a patient wonderful man, endured all this with me. He has a bad back and thank goodness he got help from Dr. Young.

After Dr. Young helped him, my husband twisted my arm and made an appointment for me with Dr. Young. He examined my neck and spine and made x-rays. He showed me the bones in my neck were out of place and how this could be pinching nerves causing my neck pain and headaches. Frankly I was skeptical. I had been to all these specialists, spent more than $10,000 and had been told to take four Advil every 2 hours and learn to deal with it because there was nothing else to do. Lean to live with it and eat baby food the rest of my life.

Here is what happened. Dr. Young didn’t say he could cure me but he felt he could help and would do his best. Dr. Young gave me a chiropractic spinal adjustment. I have been to a chiropractor before and was expecting him to twist and pop my neck and back. That didn’t happen. Dr. Young used a special adjusting kind of tool to move the bones. Well I didn’t feel anything while I was on the table but when I sat up, my head stopped hurting and suddenly I could open my mouth wide open.

Within 2 weeks I threw away my mouthpiece and can eat anything I want. My head and neck have stopped hurting. I never get even a small headache; it’s great having my life back. After being under Dr. Young’s care for a couple of months, he took x-rays to be sure that my spine was correcting and you could see my spine had moved back into an almost normal position.

I encourage you to see Dr. Young if you have headaches and neck pain. If somebody has said, “you’ll have to learn to live with it,” call Dr. Young now.

Thank You,


Neck pain and back pain

  • In May of this year, I started to have sharp pains in my back. The pain would move up and down my spine and would cut my breath off. In a short time the pain went into my legs. My legs started to swell and feel heavy. I went to a specialist who said my kidneys were bad. I was put in the hospital and then told I had pulled muscles and an infection. I was given shots every four hours for pain and pills for infection. I was put in traction for one week. After this, my legs got so heavy and numb I couldn’t use them and would have to be carried. The doctors then said they didn’t know what was wrong with me but said I should go to Duke. I left the hospital and returned home with my legs paralyzed and with not feeling from the waist down. It was a very depressing thing to be helpless and have to depend on others to move me and help me especially with a child and husband to look after.

While waiting for my appointment at Duke, my mother asked my to try Dr. Young because she knew people he had helped. What followed I will never forget. I went to Dr. Young on Saturday, carried in by my husband in a wheelchair. Dr. Young made an x-ray of my spine and showed us how an old injury was causing the nerves not to work properly. He gave me my first adjustment. On Sunday I got another adjustment. On Monday morning, I could move my legs off the bed. This was the first time in two weeks that I was able to move them by myself. I cried and praised God. That morning my mother carried me to Dr. Young. He adjusted me again and it felt like new life came into my legs. I got up off the adjusting table myself and walked. I walked all over Dr. Young’s office and my mother joined me in crying for joy. Words can never say how I thanked God, Dr. Young and chiropractic for giving me the strength to walk again and a body without pain. Nature truly is wonderful. Pills could never do it.


I FEEL 110% BETTER Neck Pain, Hip and Knee Pain

  • I felt awful. I couldn’t stand up straight. My neck hurt all the time. My hips were constantly bothering me. My knees were hurting. There was one spot in my back that continually hurt. It was forever hurting. I couldn’t walk around the mall and get back in my car and drive because my back hurt so bad. I didn’t feel good at all.

Then I started care with Dr. Young. The treatments are definitely effective. I feel 110% better. My hips don’t hurt anymore and I can run. My knees don’t hurt. My neck is not a problem anymore. It is the best thing I have ever, ever, ever done.

I would recommend that anyone who is in pain come see Dr. Young. You have got to go see this guy!



Back and Neck Pain

  • Pain inspired me to come to Dr. Young in the first place. I had been suffering from about the beginning of the year with a lot of pain and tenseness in my back and neck. I had on-going lower back pain. I had headaches five to six nights a week and it was affecting my job. So I called and made an appointment and came in. Dr. Young was very good to listen to all of my moaning and groaning. I explained to him the history of my symptoms and what was bothering me. He did some x-rays. He was very concerned. Basically what he could see was that my neck was supposed to be curved in and it was straight to the point where it was almost curved in the other direction, which made it very easy to understand why I experienced pain just from trying to look down and read. So he started treating me. I felt better within the first week. The tension at work had been so bad that I regularly had to sit down and try to shake off the pain. Within the first week even my co-workers could tell a difference. They could tell that I was not in as much pain. The headaches were reduced pretty quickly as well to the point that at first I was having not five or six anymore but maybe a couple a week. Now, after seeing him four months, for me to get a headache is just a real unusual thing. I am feeling just so much better.

I went from thinking that a chiropractor was kind of a last resort and a little bit of a, well, I don’t mean this literally but my mom is an R.N. and she always kind of talked about chiropractors like they were witch doctors. I think she’s even won over because it has been very obvious that with Dr. Young’s treatment that he cares more about the patient that he does about the check that the patient is writing when they are done. And I have really appreciated the opportunity to live pain free.



  • When I first came to Dr. Young I was having a whole lot of pain in my shoulder and I was having some back stiffness and he took x-rays and examined me and when I left I felt a whole lot better. And I’ve continued to see him for about six months now and it is just gotten progressively better. I can move my shoulder. I don’t have the back stiffness anymore. He even helped me with headaches that I didn’t realize were related. I thought it was stress. He’s even helped me with losing weight.

Come to Dr. Young before you go to anybody else. Especially, if you’re being told to that you have to have surgery or that you need injections or anything like that. Let Dr. Young see them first.



Joint Pain and Stiffness, Chronic Pain

  • I had a lot of aches and pains, joint problems. Just bending over just doing simple daily tasks was painful, ouchy. I had always used chiropractic help but had not gotten the results I wanted. I saw this ad and wanted to see what this clinic could do. In a very short time I could see results. I felt better just bending over and doing things. The joint pain was going away. I have more mobility and range of motion than I’d had in years. I had been told before that it was just my age – that these were age related problems, but I did get results at this clinic. What the x-rays showed was that I had a very messed up spine in the cervical area and also in the lumbar area. I’ve had an improved quality of life without the pain. My level of activity is greater. I can do the hiking now and I can bend over and pick up a pot out of the lower cabinet without grabbing pain. So those things are much, much better. It changes your whole attitude when you’re not hurting all the time.



Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • In December I slipped on some ice and fell from my front porch on the back of my neck, head and shoulder. From all the pain I was sure that my shoulder was broken. I went to the family doctor for x-rays and treatment. He said the shoulder was bruised very badly and that it would take time to heal properly. He also gave me a couple of prescriptions for pain pills and muscle relaxers.

Well I have it some time – after twenty months of sleepless nights, very little use of my arm and hand plus constant pain in my neck, upper arm and shoulder, more trips to the doctor’s and more pills, I decided that I was getting worse instead of better. I knew that something else had to be done. After talking to a few friends they recommended that I seek the help of Dr. Young.

After the initial exam and x-rays, Dr. Young explained how the vertebrae and joints in my neck and back had been injured in the fall and the joints were not moving as they should. He said that this caused irritation to the nerves, which came out of my neck that went to my neck muscles, arm and shoulder. Also the problem had been there so long several treatments would be necessary to sort the whole thing out.

By having no previous experience with chiropractic I was a little skeptical of what Dr. Young said as it was different than what I had been told before. But on the other hand nothing else had helped me.

After only two weeks of treatment the pain left my arm and shoulder. At this time, I gained complete faith and confidence in what Dr. Young had explained prior to my treatment and also 100% confidence in his method of treatment.

Even though it took several more weeks of treatment to get sorted out, it has been well worth it. I hate to think of the consequences had I not sought the help of Dr. Young.

I certainly appreciate the extra time Dr. Young took to explain exactly what he was doing and how the healing process works. Most of all I appreciate the fact that after only a few weeks under his care I was completely free of all the aches and pains that he treated me for.

Many Thanks,


Neck Pain, Headaches and Dizziness

  • I don’t know if you ever had one but, if you have then you will know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t then be thankful you have never been in an Auto Accident. An auto accident can leave you with all kinds of memories about how lucky you are that it wasn’t worse than it was, about how much hassle it can create dealing with insurance companies and auto dealers and on top of all that mine left me with constant neck pain, headaches and dizziness. My lower back pain was so bad I could hardly sit or lay down or walk. Before my accident I had heard about how people got hurt sometimes but until it happened to me I never imagined it could be so bad. Thank goodness I heard of Dr. Young and chiropractic. With the help of Dr. Young and his staff, after only a couple of weeks I was back to work full time. If you have had and accident and now you don’t feel so good then I hope you will call Dr. Young.

Many Thanks,


  • I started treatment with Dr. Young three years ago after, literally, waking one morning in extreme pain and major loss of mobility. After much pain and suffering, I slowly began coming back to my life of working with horses.

After having traditional chiropractic care, I still had limits and boundaries I had to keep myself within. This in itself, for me, was mentally challenging. I even started questioning if this was how it was going to be for me, why be here.

Dr. Young asked me if I would be willing to take part in a new form of treatment. I thank God for that day and for Dr. Young. He is a man of courage and vision to bring Biocranial Therapy to the area. For me it is the only treatment that has improved my life so dramatically.

I now have no limits or boundaries upon me. My level of mobility is only restricted by my lack of imagination. I still get sore from time to time. The time between my visits is stretching longer and longer. I have my life back thanks to such an innovative treatment. Now, I have my life back with thanks to you, Dr. Young, you will always mean much to me. I have been having Biocranial Therapy for one year now – it is the only way to go.


Under Chiropractic Care You Function and Feel Great!

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Young for almost twenty years along with my wife. It is amazing how an adjustment can make you feel. I for one am grateful for the art of chiropractic. Thank you for the faithfulness all these years Dr. Young, for helping scores of people to live healthy lives.”


Relief for Lower Back Pain and Headaches 

“My name is Linda. I would like to tell you how Dr. Young has helped me. I was having really bad lower back pain. After my first visit I could tell a difference. At first I came two times a week, then once a week, then once every two weeks, now once a month. I have been going for about a year now. If you’re having back pain or headaches, I would recommend that you give Dr. Young a try. He has really helped me to get back to a normal life.”


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Low Back Pain Relief

“I was in terrible pain and after a week it did not go away like it used to, so my dad told me to make an appointment with Dr. Jay. After the first visit I was feeling 50% better. I found out that I had hurt my back in a car accident 5 years ago and I was going to need help to get it back to where it should be. It has been 3 weeks since my first visit and since I have started regular appointments I have not had any pain in my lower back. Thanks Dr. Jay.”


Allergies Resolved 

“About five years ago I was involved in an automobile accident that nearly claimed several lives. I was in the third vehicle struck by an eighteen-wheeler, and only moderately injured. For the next three years one doctor or specialist after another told me the same thing, “you may have to just live with some pain!” Unacceptable. Finally I went to see Dr. Jay, and after a comprehensive exam, including x-rays, I heard the news I wanted, “I can help you”. At the same time I was suffering from seasonal allergies, again my doctor attempted to correct the problem by treating symptoms. After the first month of treatment with Dr. Jay not only did I notice a marked reduction in pain but I began to notice relief with my allergies. In the past two years since being treated by Dr. Jay I have been able to completely stop taking any allergy medicine.”


Ulcers Cleared Up, with the Help of Dr. Young

“It gives me great pleasure to give this testimonial of what chiropractic and Dr. Young have done for my health. During most of my life I have had stomach trouble but for the past two years, my stomach trouble has been real bad. It had gotten so bad that eating any food would cause severe pain and upset. In two years time six doctors treated me for stomach trouble and ulcers, but nothing seemed to help. You can imagine how I felt, to have to work hard as a mechanic and not be able to eat much of anything.

One day a friend of mine was telling me about going to Dr. Young and about the results. I decided to try myself as nothing else had helped me. Dr. Young made x-rays and checked me over. He showed me the cause of my trouble and started chiropractic adjustments. In three weeks the ulcers started leaving and I was able to eat. By the end of two months, all of my stomach pain left and I was eating anything. It has now been 18 months since Dr. Young first worked on me and I am still well. My weight picked up from 145 to 175 pounds. Chiropractic has helped me like nothing else could. I sure do urge other sick people to try it. I like the way it gets at the cause of the trouble.”


Low Back, Feet Pain and Leg Pain… Feeling 10 Years Younger


Before I started coming to you for treatments I felt like a 90 year-old man and I am only 50 years old. My body was so messed up that I couldn’t move and when I did I needed help. I would come in from work and my whole body hurt because of my back, feet and legs. I couldn’t take any more pain so I started coming to you for help. You made x-rays of me and found out the problem and you started adjustments. I’ve been coming to you about a year or more. After each adjustment I feel great! My back, legs and feet don’t hurt and I can get around a lot better that I did. In fact I feel 10 years younger now since I can get around a lot better.”


Arm and Hand Pain, Suffering with Depression

“Dear Dr. Young,

Several months ago I came to your clinic. My left arm and hand would get numb and I also suffered from depression. For two years I had a problem with my hair falling out in spots all over my head. After x-rays were made you found I had an old neck injury that I possibly suffered in a fall I had a few years ago. After a few visits to your clinic the numbness left. I no longer have problems with depression and my hair is growing back.

I know that all healing comes from God. I am thankful that God has used you to put my spine back in alignment so that my nervous system can do the work it was intended to do.”


Professional Athletes – Sports Performance Chiropractic

“Playing professional football as a wide receiver for the New England Patriots as I do can be hard on a person’s physical body. Running, falling, tackling, and being jarred can cause many pains in the neck, back, shoulders, hips and legs. I find that utilizing chiropractic adjustments and care help me to feel better and remain in top condition.

When I am visiting at home in South Carolina I receive chiropractic care from Dr. Young at Young Chiropractic. I highly recommend Dr. Young and his staff as very competent and professional people who understand pain and sports injuries and can really help when we need it. I feel that regular chiropractic care can do a whole lot to help make all people enjoy better health.”

This testimonial is sincerely given to Dr. Young by:

Wide Receiver
New England Patriots

Rheumatoid Arthritis

“At age 11, I was taken to several doctors and to the hospital with what was diagnosed medically as Rheumatic Fever. It left me with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a Rheumatic heart condition. I was so sick that I couldn’t go to school and was so weak that I couldn’t walk. I had to be carried around.

After trying several doctors and all kinds of medication, my parents decided to carry me to Dr. Young. The first day Dr. Young made some x-rays of my spine. The next day, we went back. Dr. Young said he would straighten my spine and nature would then start to get me well. In just a few visits, I got much stronger and was able to walk. In a short time, I was back in school and doing well. Since my recovery to health with chiropractic, I have graduated from high school. I now have a good job and just got married to a wonderful man.

It is with great feeling in my heart that I recommend people who are sick to try Young Chiropractic. I have seen so many people helped in the years I have known Dr. Young. I feel like my life is a miracle of chiropractic. I’ll always use it to maintain good health.”


Headaches, Leg Pain and Back Pain 

“It’s a pleasure to tell what chiropractic has done for me. For as long as I can remember my legs have given me a great deal of pain. Along with my legs, my back has hurt constantly. About five years ago I started developing headaches. At first, simple headache remedies would give me relief, but after awhile nothing would. In five years I tried six doctors. All gave me different medication, none of which helped. By this time my headaches were driving me crazy and I was frantic for relief.

After talking to some of my relative who had been to Dr. Young, I decided to see if chiropractic could help me. Dr. Young made x-rays of my entire spine and showed me the cause of my trouble. The first adjustment of my spine caused my headache to leave immediately. Three or four days after this my legs and back quit hurting. It has now been three months since Dr. Young first worked on me and I can truthfully say, it has been my healthiest three months. It seems silly for sick people to suffer when chiropractic can help them.”


Arm Pain, Headaches, Leg Pains and Nervousness /Anxiety -Now GONE

“I am so glad to tell everyone what chiropractic has done for me and I am so grateful for my restored health. I had been suffering with pains in the legs and arms since I was a child. I can remember crying myself to sleep with pain. I went to several specialists and had all kinds of treatments with no results.

On top of this for the past eight years I have been highly nervous, have had severe headaches and could hardly sleep at night. After trying for years to get better I finally went to see Dr. Young. Dr. Young said that he could tell me after finding the cause of my trouble. Since I have been under Dr. Young’s care my arm and leg pains are gone. My headaches and nervousness are a thing of the past and I can sleep without any problem. I would certainly advise anyone who had tried other methods with no help to try chiropractic.”


Blood Sugar Levels Dropped

“My mother started seeing Dr. Young awhile back. Mom had been there and was telling him what was happening with me at the time. He suggested for her to bring me over to see him so she came home and got me and took me back. My first thought was what could he do for me? I’m not having problems with my back really. I had just had my third heart attack and spent the New Year in the hospital but I was still feeling so worn out all of the time. I don’t know exactly what the inside near my heart looks like now or how much seeing Dr. Young has helped but I can feel the difference in my body. I have got a lot of medical problems because of being a diabetic for almost 33 years now but I can see how much seeing Dr. Young helps my blood sugar. I have had an insulin pump for two years this January and I know it has done wonders for my blood sugar. Seeing Dr. Young helps more than anyone could or would believe. When my sugar goes up for some reason, I don’t tend to call my doctors that deal with that problem, I call Dr. Young. I have had my sugar be at 286 and two hours later after seeing Dr. Young it had gone down to 82, so I know what is happening and who I need to help if something is going wrong with a lot of things that I have. When so many people call a doctor like Dr. Young a quack, I have found so much that they can help with. My health more than I even thought I ever needed before I started to see them. And the best part is that he is a Godly man and relies on God. If I meet someone that has any of the medical problems that I have, I will tell them they need to go see Dr. Young and see if things get any better. I can give some very bad examples of my health problems but right now along with my regular doctors. I think at times Dr. Jay Young is helping more than anyone knows or thinks. Most medical doctors do not want you to go to this kind of doctor because I think it may help and then you won’t need the regular doctor as much and he’ll get less money because when you don’t need him as much anymore.”


Pain Shooting Down both Legs

“On September 12, I brought my son, Bobby Matthews to see Dr. Young. For several weeks Bobby was bothered with pain in his back and groin and pains that would shoot up and down his legs. His condition grew steadily worse and in a short time he was unable to walk. I tried carrying Bobby to other doctors but no one could seem to tell what his trouble. By this time Bobby was so bad he couldn’t go to school.

Upon the advice of a friend, my next step was carrying Bobby to Dr. Young. The results that followed, I can’t praise enough. Dr. Young examined my son, found the cause of his trouble and started to correct it. In a short time, Bobby’s pain eased and he was able to use his legs better. In a few weeks, my son was able to do about anything he wanted to do. It has now been eleven years since Dr. Young helped my son and to this day he is still well and healthy and was able to work around the house. I cannot praise Dr. Young and chiropractic enough and I write this in hope that others will know of the wonderful work done at Young Chiropractic.”


Patient Regains their Hearing!

“It is a genuine pleasure to tell the world that chiropractic and Dr. Young caused a deaf person like me to be able to hear again, and throw away my hearing aid. For three years I had been deaf. I tried my family medical doctor, specialists, and even the Medical Center Hospital in Charleston. It cost me all the money I had and did nothing for my hearing.

Can you imagine how it feels to go to church and not be able to hear the singing and preaching? To walk in the woods not hearing the birds or the wind blowing through the trees? It is a horrible and scary feeling of being alone.

Many of my relatives urged me to see Dr. Young. They had spoken so highly of their results that I decided to try for myself. Dr. Young found that a nerve was pinched causing me to be deaf. After a few adjustments my head felt clearer. In two weeks my hearing improved slightly. Little by little my hearing was completely restored three months after I first saw Dr. Young. No words can express my appreciation for chiropractic. I have seen so many get well since knowing Dr. Young. Dr. Young is truly a good doctor and person, in so many ways. I think it’s just wonderful how he helps so many people. He is the doctor I’ve seen who lives the Golden Rule.”


Migraine Pain and  Headaches with Dizziness (Vertigo)

“It is a distinct pleasure to tell what chiropractic and Young Chiropractic has meant to me. A few short years ago I started having mild headaches. At first simple headache remedies would give me relief. As time progressed the headaches became more severe and the relief less and less. Progressively I got to the point of a constant head pain that would even cause me to become dizzy with periods of loss of balance. I tried doctor after doctor and was even hospitalized. Air Force doctors made extensive examinations and diagnosed my headaches as Migraine. The only advice they could give was learning to live with it and powerful drugs for pain.

In June I decided to see Dr. Young. He made an x-ray of my neck. He showed me the x-ray explaining the cause of my trouble and started giving me adjustments. After three adjustments I started getting better and the headaches were milder. In one month the pain was almost gone. It has now been over three months since I have had a headache. If only I had tried chiropractic first I could have saved myself a lot of suffering as well as expense.”



“Since being in the 9th grade, I have had terrible headaches. My head would hurt 4 or 5 times a week for hours on end. My head would hurt so badly, I would become dizzy, nervous and nauseated. This continued for six years, during which time I tried four different doctors and even had glasses made. In spite of all of this I had little more than temporary relief. After getting married and having a son, I would have to get my mother to keep him while I was having those unbearable headaches.

For one year many of my fiends and relatives had been trying to get me to go to Dr. Young, but I was scared. Finally, I decided why not go, six years of pills did nothing for me. Am I ever glad I went!

Chiropractic has been like an answer to a prayer. Dr. Young made x-rays of my head and neck. He showed me why I was having trouble and told me what had to be done to correct it. I started getting chiropractic adjustments and was impressed how painless it was. In fact adjustments felt good and relaxing too. After 10 days I noticed a great improvement and in one month’s time I can truly say my head felt wonderful. Chiropractic has sure helped me, and many thousands of other people who have been to Dr. Young.”



One day while bending over to pick up a tire, I felt something snap in my back. A pain hit me so badly I could hardly get up. The pain was so bad I had to be helped into my car and driven home. That night I had to take pain pills but could not rest and I felt worse. On Sunday I felt so bad that my wife called a bone specialist. He had me admitted to the hospital that day and put me in traction with 50 pounds of weight. While in the hospital I was given shots of Demerol to keep me easy and a physical therapist worked with me everyday. After one week of this I was no better, in fact I was worse. The specialist finally told me that if I were not better the next day, he would, operate on me. That day I got permission to leave the hospital on personal business. My wife put me in a wheelchair and carried me to Dr. Young. I had heard about chiropractic and thought I would try it before having surgery on my spine. With my wife’s help I got into Dr. Young’s office. Dr. Young examined my spine, found the cause of my trouble and corrected it. He told me to get up and walk. I was so scared to but I tried it and to my amazement the pain was gone. He was amazed at how well I was doing and told me I could go home. Just think if I had not tried Dr. Young and chiropractic I may have been disabled for life. I am very thankful for what Dr. Young has done for me.”



“For a period of two months I couldn’t speak above a whisper. You can imagine how this was with me working as a salesperson. The medical doctor I went to even put me in the hospital to do a biopsy to rule out cancer. Along with this, I had headaches over my eyes and neck stiffness. My biopsy report came back negative, thank God. The doctor told me that what was causing my loss of voice was a pinched nerve in my neck. He gave me pills to take and I wondered how my taking pills would correct a pinched nerve. The answer was, it didn’t.

In talking to a friend who once suffered with a pinched nerve, I was told to see Dr. Young, who had helped her. Dr. Young made two x-rays of my neck and showed me where he felt the nerve was being pinched. In two days my voice started getting stronger, and in two weeks my voice was real strong. I cannot speak highly enough of chiropractic and Dr. Young. I would urge all people who have pinched nerves to go see a Chiropractor.

I asked Dr. Young why a medical doctor didn’t send me to a chiropractor when he knew I had a pinched nerve. He said for the same reason a Ford dealer doesn’t recommend you buying a Chevrolet. Kind of makes sense.”



“I came to Dr. Young with back pain, which he fixed. He also fixed my heel pain, which has caused me great pain for the past eight years. I’m very grateful and I recommend chiropractic care for anyone in pain.”



“This is to thank you for ending five years of pain. November 1993 I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome severe enough in both arms that the medical doctor wanted to do surgery. I was experiencing pain and numbness in both hands and arms as well as migraine headaches every couple of weeks. After my first visit here, the numbness and pain in my arms as well as my head were gone. And with the follow up visits, I am still free of pain, numbness and headaches. Life is good and so is Young Chiropractic.”



“When I first came to the clinic I had a lot of tension. A lot of my muscles felt very tight. And I especially had a lot of neck pain. I even had kind of a bump on the back of my neck and my shoulders were very tight. And when I worked at the computer I was extremely uncomfortable and I wasn’t sleeping well – at all. I would wake up during the night sore, and in the morning when I would get up it felt like I’d been beaten up during the night. As I started coming more and more often I got a lot of relief from the tight feeling and the bump on my neck eventually went away, and now I can tell when I’m not using good posture because I will get some of that feeling back. I feel like my posture has improved since I’ve been coming because I know how it affects me. And of course because I’ve lost weight I have a lot less tension on my muscles and bones that I used to have.

Now I get some tension in my shoulders or neck only if I’m using poor posture or if I’m doing a lot of computer work. Usually Wednesday/Thursday I usually can tell and I think, ooh I’m glad I’m going to the chiropractor because by then it is kind of starting to build up.

When he was first working on me at times it did hurt, it was sore and tender. But in an hour or two I did get a lot of relief. I think a lot of people understand what it’s all about. The need to understand the purpose and the benefits you can get with chiropractic care. When you’re out of alignment it’s going to make a difference in how you feel. You’ll feel more tired and tense. Those are the two big changes I’ve felt – I’m not as tired and I’m not as tense. I would highly recommend Dr. Young.”



“Before I came to see Dr. Young I hurt a lot. My back hurt all the time. I had a lot of sharp pains. I couldn’t do very much without it bothering me, I tried to put up with it and go on. I feel a lot better now since I’ve been to Dr. Young. Every once in a while my back might hurt, maybe for a day. But not like it was before. I could definitely see a difference in the x-rays. The treatments were OK. I was sore after the first one, but after that I wasn’t sore. I would recommend Dr. Young to other people. I tell people about him at school.”

~Rachel Lecture

“I was impressed with the difference in the x-rays. I think the change is very noticeable. When I first saw the x-rays I was shocked because she complained about pain occasionally but we really didn’t give it much attention. When we got in here and saw the x-rays, we really, my husband and I, felt bad. She hadn’t been telling us the whole truth about how much pain she was in because she didn’t want to be limited in her horse riding activities. We had no idea that her spine was so obviously out of line. She initially injured it on the trampoline and, again, we thought, “Nah. All kids get hurt on the trampoline.” But, it was noticeably out of line. He explained everything and you could see just how crooked her spine was. It’s a lot better now and she is feeling so much better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Young and we have.”

~JL (parent)


“Well, I had backaches, I had headaches and sinus problems and now I feel much better. The pain has just about virtually gone away. I don’t have sinus as bad, I still have a touch now and then but my head feels much better and my back is so much better.

I had been to other chiropractors before. Most of the time they popped my head and neck and I waited on the pain, I just cringed. But with this I don’t. It’s not painful, it’s simple and very easy to take. I’m not waiting on the pain from a jerk or a twist. It’s working. It works.

By all means I really would recommend Dr. Young. With regular treatment I feel so much better.”

~ Signed, JR

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