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Lumbar Radiculopathy (Sciatica) is a condition that is usually a result of irritation of a spinal nerve, which is most commonly your sciatic nerve.

  1. Sciatica and Herniated Disc

   Young Chiropractic has been successfully treating Sciatica (Lumbar Radiculopathy) for over 27 years. The processes and procedures used at our Easley Chiropractic Office to pin pointing the root cause of Sciatic Pain makes our Sciatic Pain Treatment easy to customize to help you find superior, long lasting relief.

sciatic nerve pain treatment easleyPain that originated in the Low Back and Buttocks but is often times felt most in the Hip and/ or Down the Leg, Shooting, Burning, Electrical Pain that Shoots Down to the Foot and Toes that may also have a feeling of Tingling or Numbness, is a result of irritation to the Sciatic Nerve.

Since the sciatic nerve originates in the lower area of the back and travels down the leg to the toes, Lumbar Radiculopathy or Sciatica is the common the underlying issue in the case of low back pain. The symptoms of Sciatica are usually only present on one side of the body. Sciatica pain can include steady low back pain or buttocks pain, shooting pain from the buttocks and leg, with tingling, weakness and numbness. If left untreated, loss of sensation and function of the leg, bowels, bladder along with sexual dysfunction can occur.


Sciatica is refereed more often than diagnosed due to its meaning which is a description of symptoms and not the cause. Lumbar Radiculopathy is usually an effect of spinal injury or dysfunction, usually due to disc herniation or spinal stenosis (narrowing of the space between your spinal bones), which are typically the result of injury to the spine and can be caused by accidents, poor posture, deficient health, advanced age, spinal misalignment’s and  more.

Sciatic Nerve Pain can fluctuate from intense, immobilizing pain to very mild discomfort all based on how much irritation or compression is on the nerve. However only about 10% of your nerves sense pain so there could always be more damage than you may realize. This is why it is so vital to consult with a spinal care expert who has knowledge of and consistently treats Sciatic Nerve Pain.

If left untreated, Lumbar Radiculopathy/ Sciatica can severely affect normal nerve and bodily functions, including walking, sitting, standing, feeling, range of motion along with loss of bowl control and sexual dysfunction.

Luckily, in the majority of cases, lumbar radiculopathy can easily be found and treated effectively and non-surgically.  Dr. Jay Young has successfully treated hundreds of patients with sciatica in and around Easley SC, from those suffering with pain at differing levels stemming from lumbar radiculopathy to those with extreme, severe cases of sciatica. Young Chiropractic is proud to have helped countless Easley area residence avoid back surgery.

Esley chiropractor Dr. Young, utilizes the cutting edge equipment and therapies at the office to safely diagnose and promptly treat sciatic pain.


Sciatica is a condition that our Easley Chiropractor, Dr Jay Young and team treats with great success.

“Sciatica is a condition caused by misalignment, muscular interference or from a bulging or herniated disc. The sciatic nerve runs through the buttocks and can be easily irritated. If treated promptly it can quickly be resolved however the longer you wait the more wear and tear that is created the area and the more room for long term problems. As with any aches and pains, its best to find a corrective care chiropractic office that will take x-rays and properly analyses them to diagnose the problem and create a custom care plan to tackle it quickly.” ~Dr. Jay Young


The discomfort with Sciatica is felt in the buttock, the outside thigh, the inside area of the leg, and around the ankle and foot, though the entire sole. When the nerve is directly involved, a sensations like numbness or tingling is are felt in the same area. These sensations are often intensified by coughing or straining while using the rest room. In many cases Sciatica can be attributed to herniated disk and can be treated.

Pain that starts above the buttocks is likely a herniated or bulging disc. Pain that begins in the glut and radiates down can be due to an irritation from the piriformis muscle. There are many variables to this concept and only after tests, exams and x-rays can we know exactly what is happening in your body to diagnose and recommend options to treat sciatic pain.

Patients that suffer with Sciatica, often have tried a number of therapies with inconsistent results. What makes our sciatica treatment-Easley SC unique is that we properly diagnose with certainty prior to attempting to treat and create a customized plan in order to address your unique needs.

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